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Bite to Break Skin
"Y'know, what is up with the whole biting of the abdominal muscle crap anyway?  I mean, how even do you like, get your jaws to like, open and clamp…?" Stiles asked, trailing off and using his curled fingers to prod at his stomach in lieu of a werewolf's mouth.
Derek gave him one of those patented what the fuck Stiles? glares before turning back to the tv screen.  He uselessly pressed buttons on his controller, trying to unpause the game but as Stiles was the one who had paused it in the first place his efforts were a no go.  He sighed, dropping his controller, and Stiles takes a moment to wonder when his life got so strange that it's totally normal for him to be sitting in his room after school, playing video games with the Alpha of the Beacon Hills werewolf pack.
Derek gave him another glare and Stiles realized he'd said something that he hadn't bothered to listen to.  "Huh?" he asked innocently.
Derek rolled his eyes.  "You pause
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Lovely, Dark and Deep
"The woods are lovely, dark and deep.  But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."
Dean had nearly been asleep in the high branches of a non-living tree when Cas's voice roused him.  He lifted his head from the angel's shoulder, not even bothering to fake embarrassment anymore, he'd rather lose his claim to manliness than become separated from his only tie to reality.
"Are you quoting poetry at me while I sleep?" he asked, attempting to stretch his limbs without falling from the branches.
Cas turned his face to Dean's, his eyes luminous in the everlasting moonlight.  "I have promises to keep, Dean.  And miles and miles to go before I sleep."
Dean rubbed his face.  "Is this one of your 'follow the bees' things?" he asked warily.  Since they'd landed in Purgatory Cas had mostly been back to his old self, but he occasionally lapsed back into the mental case that spouted nonsense.  Dean carefully pulled
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A Kiss in the Evening
Sam doesn't tell his parents that he and Gabriel are now dating.  It's not that he thinks they won't accept it, he knows they will because they've never had an issue with Dean and Cas's relationship.  But he does know they wouldn't be so easy going about Sam spending the night at Gabriel's apartment, and he wants that freedom, not only because it means they can mess around without getting caught, but because it's something Sam's always done.  Gabriel is still his best friend, that hasn't changed, it's just evolved into something more.
Gabriel doesn't like the plan as much as Sam does though.
"It just feels like I'm lying to your parents Sam," he said, stretched out on Sam's bed while Sam did his homework at his desk.
"You're not lying Gabe, you're just not telling the whole truth," he argued as he worked out a math problem.
"That is essentially lying," he pointed out.  "You do know that when they find out, and they will find out eventually, John
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A Kiss in the Afternoon
Gabriel's bedroom was dark when Sam woke up, but even the lack of light didn't stop the pounding in his skull.  He groaned, and just that small noise made his head hurt more.  He rolled over, searching for Gabriel's warmth, but Gabriel wasn't in his bed.  Sam groaned again, finally peeling his eyes open more than slits.
He tried to remember what had happened the night before but everything was either blurry or missing.  He remembered drinking, he remembered bits and pieces of horror movies, and then he remembered Dean tucking him into bed.  He remembered Gabriel coming in and-
He'd tried to kiss Gabriel.  And Gabriel had stopped him.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
God he was such an idiot.  And now Gabriel knew how much of an idiot he was.  He knew Gabriel wasn't going to freak out on him or anything, he'd try to make it seem like it was no big deal, that they could forget about it and move on.  
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A Kiss in the Morning
On Sam's sixteenth birthday Gabriel gave him a key.  He also gave him a beautiful leather bound copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare and a giant bag of sour gummy worms, but it's the key that Sam can't stop thinking about, can't stop slipping his fingers into his pocket to touch, can't wait to use for the first time.
It's the spare key to Gabriel's apartment.  He's lived there for two months, and he wanted Sam to have a key sooner, but he decided giving it to him for his birthday would be more special.
It's Sam's favorite present by far.  He got some great stuff too, the Shakespeare book from Gabriel, a Barnes & Noble gift card from Dean, some CDs from his parents and Cas, and a whole slew of other things from some of his other friends.  But the key, despite how small and inconsequential it may seem, was the most meaningful.  It was an assurance from Gabriel that they were growing up but not growing apart.
This was an assur
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Fools In Love Verse 2/?
Sam is not an unhappy person.
This, of course, has not always been true, in fact for the first thirty years of his life it was quite the opposite.
But now he has a relatively quiet life, relatively quiet in that there were no impending apocalypses and very few monsters out for his blood.  Considering how his life used to be, it's undoubtedly peaceful.  It's damn great when you factor in the house he's a partial owner of, and the archangel he has for a boyfriend.  Boyfriend?  Partner?  Mate?  What is the proper term for an archangel whose grace is molded to your soul?
Sam shakes his head and sighs, blinking up at the full moon as he stretches his long limbs, the hammock in their backyard swaying beneath him.  It's incredible to have a backyard, a small area of grass and maybe a couple of trees that you can call your own.  Cas is going to put a garden in, just a handful of rows where they'll grow some tomatoe
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The County Fair
"No," Sam said for the tenth time.
Dean flopped down on his bed, trying to mimic Sam's puppy eyes.  "C'mon Sam, please?"
"No."  Eleven.
"Dude, what else are we gonna do in this shithole town?" Dean whined.
"I was gonna catch some sleep and I assumed you were gonna go to a bar."
"Dry county," Dean sneered.
Sam made a sympathetic face.  "Ouch.  I'm still not going to the lame-ass county fair with you."
Dean pouted.  "Asshole.  I can't go by myself dude, a thirty year old man wandering around by himself at a fair?  Looks all kinds of creepy."
Sam turned his attention back to his laptop, already done with the conversation.  "Call Cas," he offered.
Dean didn't respond immediately.  Maybe that wasn't a half bad idea.  He could maybe ruffle the angel's feathers and get him to loosen up.  He pulled his phone out and texted the motel and room number to Cas, who was now standing at the f
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Drabble Omnibus Vol. 6
"Please?" Dean whined.
"No. Do it yourself."
"Oh c'mon Sammy, what's the point of having a genius little brother if he won't let me copy his homework?"
Sam glared at him. "You should've taken chemistry years ago."
"Yeah, well, I didn't. So can I pretty please copy your homework so I won't fail?" Dean pleaded, trying to mimic Sam's puppy eyes.
"Let me drive the impala."
Dean's jaw dropped. "You're fourteen!"
"Then no homework."
Dean huffed, but pulled the keys out of his pocket, tossing them to Sam. "You crash her and you're dead. Now give me your damn homework."
~Happy Hunting~
"This is your fault," Sam growled as the werewolves boxed them into a corner.
"What? How d'you figure?" Dean asked, far calmer than Sam.
"Because you're the one that thought cutting through this alley was a great idea," Sam said as he popped his clip out, checking to make sure it was fully loaded with silver.
"Oops," he said with a shrug. Right before he took aim at the closest werewolf Sam saw that m
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Today And Every Day
"Dad's gonna freak," Dean said for the twelfth time as he paced around Sam's living room.
"Dean.  Sit down before you wear a hole through my floor," Sam said tiredly.  "And for the last time, he's not going to freak, ok?" he added as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
Dean perched on the edge of the leather sofa, his hands twitching with unrest on his thighs.  "Sam, he's never been comfortable with me messing around with guys, you think he's gonna jump for joy when I tell him I'm marrying one?"
"Cas hasn't said yes yet."
Dean glared at Sam.  "You think that's helpful?"
Sam sighed.  "I was trying to take your mind off Dad.  Obviously Cas is going to say yes.  I don't know why you're so worried.  Dad knows you and Cas are dating.  And he likes him, remember last Christmas?  Dad got him that nice sweater?"
Dean picked at a loose thread on the sofa.  "So he got him a sweater, that
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Drabble Omnibus Vol. 5
~Most Wonderful Time of the Year~
Dean hated Christmas.  Eight years old and he hated what should've been his favorite day of the year.
He loved it when he was little.  When his mom was still alive.  She'd bake gingerbread cookies, and sing Christmas carols while decorating their Christmas tree.  They'd settle in on the couch with John to watch Rudolph.
Now Dean was lucky if John was even home for Christmas.
But Sammy was always there, and Sam loved Christmas, didn't know anything better than motels decorated with stolen red and green decorations, maybe a tree if Dean was crafty.  And Dean did love Sammy.
~Fighting Panic~
"Come on Sammy, stay with me," Dean grunted as he hauled his brother out of the backseat of the impala and towards the door of their motel room.  He could hear the soft pitter patter of blood dripping from Sam's wounds hitting the concrete and he grimaced.  He hated ghosts.
Sam was going to be fine,
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It's A Fool Who Plays It Cool
Dean hears the familiar rustle indicating that Cas has popped in and he turns with a smile that quickly drops off his face when he sees his angel standing there, swaying side to side as if he could barely stand.
"Dean I believe I am dying," Cas said before his knees went out from under him.
Dean shot forward and caught him, slowing his descent to the floor.  His heart was racing, Cas looked awful, his eyes half lidded, his lips chapped worse than usual, his skin far whiter than what could be considered pale, his nose red…
His nose red.
"Cas… Do you have a cold?"
The angel sniffled miserably, leaning into Dean and pulling his coat around him tighter.  "I don't know.  My head feels heavy and my muscles ache and I can't stop sneezing and my nose leaks."
Dean made a face at that last admission, but carefully hauled Cas up by the armpits.  Cas went, limp as a rag doll, leaning heavily against Dean until Dean gave up trying to get him
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God Mend These Broken Wings Chapter Three
Dean was coming to dinner.  Dean had actually agreed to come to dinner.  As Cas peeled potatoes over the sink he couldn't keep the small smile off his face.  Dean was coming to dinner.
"What're you so smiley about?" Adam asked as he came up next to him at the sink to wash a head of lettuce for the salad.
Cas deliberately relaxed his face.  "Nothing," he said with a shrug.
Adam smirked at him.  "Yeah ok, I'm sure it's got nothing to do with a certain Dean Winchester coming over tonight."
Cas sighed, keeping his eyes on the potato in his hand instead of Adam's face.  "I don't understand why you are pursuing this conversation," he said tiredly.
"Well," Adam said as he grabbed a large bowl that he began shredding the lettuce into.  "First of all, if I don't try to force you to talk about it, no one will.  Also, you're pretty much the only friend I have now Cas.  I mean, Bobby's great and all but he's
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Drabble Omnibus Vol. 4
~Chase These Dreams Away~
Something was thrashing beside Sam, making low moans of pain, or maybe fear.
He tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but his eyelids snapped open when he realized what was going on.
His eight-year old brother was having a nightmare, again.  He never talked about them, but Sam knew they involved fire because Dean would sometimes murmur the word in his sleep.
Sam curled himself around his brother the best he could, a difficult task considering their uneven sizes.  But soon Dean calmed, and Sam drifted off to sleep, another night of nightmare vanquishing under his belt.
~Lightning Crashes~
Lightning flashed in the room, and it seemed to bring Castiel with it.  Sam was sleeping soundly in his bed, unaware of the storm, but Dean was not so lucky.
He was tossing and turning in his bed, the sweat soaked sheets wrapped around his legs.  Castiel didn't know if it was the lightning or thunder, but the storm was triggering Dean
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Nothing Good About Goodbye
Sometimes Sam wondered how Dean could be so unnaturally beautiful.  When he was younger he'd assumed that he believed that because Dean was his big brother, his protector.  And all little brothers worshipped their big brothers, right?
Yeah, sure, maybe they do.  But it wasn't so simple between the two of them.
Sam, now eighteen years old, knew it wasn't just him that noticed Dean's unearthly features, but it didn't make him love them any less.  He loved them more, in some ways, because they were his.
He could just lay in bed with Dean and gaze at his face for hours.  He's watched him sleep, watched him dream, watched him talk, eat, smirk, laugh, watched his face when he came because in that moment there was always a complete release of control that made Sam's heart skip a beat because he did that, he made Dean come undone.  And sometimes, he'd watch Dean watch him.
"You're doing it again," Dean said with a soft smile as they l
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God Mend These Broken Wings Chapter Two
One Month Later
Dean stuffed his two dollar tip into the pocket of his busboy's apron without complaint.  He was lucky the old couple had left anything, he hadn't exactly been the best waiter in the world, and he knew it.
He didn't bother to fake smiles like the other waiters and waitresses did, he knew it would only come out as a grimace.  He managed not to sound like too big a dick when he took their orders, or came around to check for refills.  All in all, he figured he was lucky to get anything.
He haphazardly dropped their dirty dishes into his busboy's tray with a sigh, glancing at the clock as he strode towards the kitchen.  He stopped when he realized he should've clocked out fifteen minutes ago.  Time moves strangely for him sometimes when he's waiting tables.  He gets lost in the tedious work, which he supposes is good because it keeps him from thinking.
"You're still here?" his boss, April, asks him with a concerned
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God Mend These Broken Wings Chapter One
"Carry on my wayward son,
There'll be peace when you are done,
Lay your weary head to rest,
Don't you cry no more…"
Dean glanced in his review mirror.  It was strange to see Cas asleep in the back.  But then again, what about this night wasn't strange?  "Aw, ain't he a little angel?" he heard himself say.
Sam glanced in the backseat.  "Angels don't sleep," he said blankly.
Dean let a moment pass before switching subjects.  "Sam, I got a bad feeling about this."
"Well, you'd be nuts to have a good feeling about it."
Dean scowled.  "You know what I mean.  Detroit.  He always said he'd jump your bones in Detroit. Here we are. Maybe this is him rolling out the red carpet, you know? Maybe he knows something that we don't."
Sam snorted lightly.  "Dean, I'm sure he knows a buttload we don't. We just got to hope he doesn't know about the rings.  Hey, um... on the subject, there's something
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Forgiven by EstelUndomiel Forgiven :iconestelundomiel:EstelUndomiel 2 0 The Gallifreycrumb Tinies by EatToast The Gallifreycrumb Tinies :iconeattoast:EatToast 854 204 Slash (or Slashy) Summer Challenge 17/? by kasienka-nikki Slash (or Slashy) Summer Challenge 17/? :iconkasienka-nikki:kasienka-nikki 87 9 teen wolf: little red riding hood by kreugan teen wolf: little red riding hood :iconkreugan:kreugan 2,507 74 Avengers on Parade (RIP Maurice Sendak) by AgarthanGuide Avengers on Parade (RIP Maurice Sendak) :iconagarthanguide:AgarthanGuide 2,481 300 Team Free Will meets John Winchester by worrynet Team Free Will meets John Winchester :iconworrynet:worrynet 251 79 A Comic About Gender by RainbowBruises A Comic About Gender :iconrainbowbruises:RainbowBruises 1,836 336 Good Morning Sunshine by MedicatedManiac Good Morning Sunshine :iconmedicatedmaniac:MedicatedManiac 784 70 'Once Upon a December' Parody -Destiel- SPN by EspadaDina 'Once Upon a December' Parody -Destiel- SPN :iconespadadina:EspadaDina 1,670 539 Angels and Demons by Meroni Angels and Demons :iconmeroni:Meroni 188 14 SPN: Once More With All The Feels pt.II by blackbirdrose SPN: Once More With All The Feels pt.II :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 364 240 SPN: Once More With All The Feels pt. I by blackbirdrose SPN: Once More With All The Feels pt. I :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 364 172 Eris Kallisti Discordia by 14-bis Eris Kallisti Discordia :icon14-bis:14-bis 1,667 145
She was only six when the funeral homes started sending us advertisements, all competing with each other to be the best, to win her business. To win our business, more like; six is hardly old enough to understand what's going on. It's not old enough to understand why everyone is covering their mouths with their hands and failing to hold back tears when you walk into the room, or old enough to understand why people begin to outright sob when you start talking about what you want to be when you grow up. Once it was a doctor, before that it was a fairy princess, but right now it's a policewoman.
And of course all the children have heard about the funeral homes. Cold, nasty, make their business in knowing when people are going to die. Not how, as far as anyone can tell, just...when. A lot of kids have had relatives—great-aunts, great-uncles, maybe great-grandparents—start getting advertisements, maybe been shown them to know what to look out for, but not Anita. She
:iconchlowo:Chlowo 761 421
Firefly - Wash by Kristele Firefly - Wash :iconkristele:Kristele 770 50


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